Monday, February 17, 2014

Sally Hansen "Gold Roses"

Hi everyone!  So now that Valentine's Day is over I wanted a break from red nail polish and decided to go with a neutral this week.  I settled on Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in "Gold Roses" which is as the name implies is a rose gold color with a lot of shimmer!

This past Winter metallic nail polishes were very popular and I like to wear lighter metallic as neutrals because they aren't too over the top but they tend to go with a fair amount of clothes!  Sally Hansen's "Gold Roses" has a fantastic formula which was easy to manage and was completely opaque after two coats of polish!  However like many metallic and shimmer polish there was noticeable streaking on most nails, but thankfully it didn't make "Gold Roses" look bad!  As for chipping "Gold Roses" lasted about two days before it started to chip off in big chunks, which was a bit disappointing.

Overall I have mixed feelings about Sally Hansen's "Gold Roses."  It has an amazing formula, was completely opaque in two coats, and is a gorgeous color.  But on the downside it chipped so quickly and for such a pretty color I would have liked to have worn the polish for longer.  I will probably wear Sally Hansen's "Gold Roses" again because I adore the color, and maybe it'll last longer next time!

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