Saturday, January 11, 2014

Essie "No More Film"


Hi guys!  Winter is now in full swing and I am already looking forward to Springtime!  But for now it is dark and cloudy days!  However one of the nice things about Winter is that I can wear lovely darker colored nail polishes!  This week I decided to try out Essie's "No More Film" which is a super pretty deep purple blue color!

So Essie's "No More Film" like I said is a deep purple blue nail polish and it is a creme nail polish so it has no glitter or shimmer.  Formula wise "No More Film" surprised me by being fantastic!  I usually have bad luck with Essie polishes being watery but not this time!  I was able to easily control the formula and it didn't run all over my fingers!  Essie's "No More Film" was almost opaque after the first coat of nail polish but I applied a second coat anyway.  And after the second coat the polish was completely opaque and there were no streaks at all!  When I did my touch ups I was worried that such a dark nail polish color might stain my skin and nails but I was pleasantly surprised when that was not the case!  No blue stained skin or nails for me!  As for chipping it started on the second day with some minor tip chips.  But by the end of day three the chips got worse and one of my nails got all scratched up and had weird ridges in it.

Overall Essie's "No More Film" is a good nail polish.  The formula is fantastic and the purply-blue color is super pretty!  I was also pleased that "No More Film" did not stain my skin or nails.  The only thing I wish was different was how quickly the polish chipped.  Three days is okay but I would have loved to have worn it longer.  However overall I really like Essie's "No More Film" and plan on wearing it again soon!

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