Friday, May 15, 2015

Dupe Post: Nails INC "Brighton" versus Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat "Fuzz-Sea"

Hi everyone!  It has been a couple months since I have done a dupe post so today I'll be comparing Nails INC's "Brighton" and Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat's "Fuzz-Sea."  Here's how they look side by side in the bottles:

Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat's "Fuzz-Sea" and Nails INC's "Brighton"

As you can tell from the bottles they are identical.  Both nail polishes are texturized and meant to look feathery, a look which is created by pieces of bar glitter.  Formula wise both were easy to apply however Sally Hansen's "Fuzz-Sea" was slightly watery.  After two coats of nail polish neither polish was opaque but that is fine since it isn't meant to be.

I suppose the main difference between these two nail polishes is the price!  Nails INC's "Brighton" costs around $10-412 a bottle while Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat's "Fuzz-Sea" costs around $5 a bottle.

Overall I don't have a favorite between these two polishes.  Both are easy to apply and look nice on the nail.  In the end I would probably go with Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat's "Fuzz-Sea" simple because the price is better.

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