Sunday, May 17, 2015

Formula X "Starfish"

Hi guys!  Today's nail polish is Formula X's "Starfish."  Formula X is Sephora's brand of nail polish that replaced Sephora's previous line by OPI.

"Starfish" is a gorgeous baby pink shimmery nail polish.  What makes this nail polish extra special is that the glittery shimmer dries as a matte!  It looks like this:

As for the formula, "Starfish" was very easy to apply however it was not completely opaque after two coats of polish.  Luckily because of all they shimmer and glitter there were no visible streak marks.  Now while "Starfish" was not completely opaque it looked so lovely with the shimmer that you really didn't notice that you could see the half-moon under the polish.  (You would have to look very closely!)  In terms of chipping I was able to wear "Starfish" for around four or five days before I noticed any chips!

Overall I am very pleased with Formula X's "Starfish."  This nail polish has a wonderful formula, was easy to apply, looked great on my nails, and lasted quite a long time before chipping!  I will definitely wear "Starfish" again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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