Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nails INC "Prince's Garden"

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone has enjoyed their Sunday!  I had picked this nail polish out a few weeks ago to prepare to celebrate the new royal baby, I guessed Prince, but instead it is a Princess.  But regardless I am thrilled about a new royal baby so to celebrate, today's nail polish is Nails INC's "Prince's Garden."

"Prince's Garden" is part of Nails INC's Special Effect collection and is a multi-sized glitter polish,  There is very fine glitter in white and larger glitter pieces in lime green, white, silver, and sky blue.  It is very pretty and was surprisingly easy to apply.  I decided to test "Prince's Garden" on a couple of creme polishes.

The first combination I tried was "Prince's Garden" over Ciaté's "Sugar Plum."  The combination of pastel colors screams Spring and looked great on my nails!

If you want more information on Ciaté's "Sugar Plum" here's a post from March:

The second combination I tried was "Prince's Garden" over Julep's "Bess."  With the sky blue background it made it difficult to see the blue glitter, which really took away from how pretty "Prince's Garden" is.

The third and final combination I tried was "Prince's Garden" over Nicole by OPI's "Live In The Momentum."  The dark blue base color made the glitter pop and it was super pretty!  This was my all time favorite of the combinations I tried.

Overall I really like Nails INC's "Prince's Garden."  The formula is nice and easy to apply and it looks great on a variety of different colored nail polishes!  "Prince's Garden" will definitely

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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