Friday, May 29, 2015

Finger Paints "Dream I Can Fly"

Hi all!  I hope everyone is ready for the weekend!  The weather has been so nice with lots of sunshine and clear blue skies, so I decided to keep that theme with today's polish.  Today's nail polish is Finger Paints' "Dream I Can Fly."

"Dream I Can Fly" is a gorgeous Carolina blue color (also known as sky blue if you aren't from North Carolina.)  Formula wise "Dream I Can Fly" is a bit thick and goopy but the polish still applied fair enough.  The main problem in applying "Dream I Can Fly" is that each coat of polish went on very thick.  So after one coat of "Dream I Can Fly" the polish was very thick but not completely opaque and after two coats of "Dream I Can Fly" the polish was too thick on my nail but was completely opaque.  However after two coats of nail polish there were no visible streak marks.  I managed to wear "Dream I Can Fly" for two and a half days before the polish started to smudge and chip off.

Overall I am slightly bummed by Finger Paints' "Dream I Can Fly" because it was so difficult to apply and it chipped very quickly.  I do however love the color of this polish!  In the end I will probably give this polish another try and maybe next time it'll be easier to apply, practice makes perfect right?

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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