Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Essie "Allure"

Once again I seem to be on a neutral kick.  This color is "Allure" by Essie.  I purchased this color when I realized that the beautiful Kate Middleton wore it when she walked down the aisle this past spring to marry Prince William.  Kate is so fashionable and everything she wears is classy.  “Allure” is a very classy nail polish that is very sheer.  I think this color is a great addition to my collection since it isn’t too flashy and can be worn to any occasion.

The color is sheer, and streaking was a bit of a problem.  In the picture above I used a clear base coat and top coat, and three coats of “Allure.”  I used the three coats to help even out the streaking and to make the color a little more noticeable.  However there is still some noticeable streaking, especially on my thumbs.  Other than the streaking the only other thing I had any problems with was getting it to dry.  Between all five coats it took almost 2 hours, with pauses in-between coats, to get it to dry, and I still ended up smudging both of my thumbs.  (Did I mention that I am very clumsy?)

Overall “Allure” by Essie is a nice neutral color with a lot of potential.  I would probably recommend using it in a French manicure, though I am enjoying it just as a nice simple polish on its own.  Also I used three coats of color, but two coats would probably suffice if you aren’t looking for the polish to be very noticeable.

Thanks for reading! J

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