Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zoya "Jana"

Hey!!  Sorry for not posting in a while but with all the holidays and final exams blogging had to take a back seat.  Anyway now that another semester has started back I should be able to post regularly again.

First off I just want to say sorry about the poor quality of this picture but my digital camera was dying and the pictures refused to come out clearly.  Have no fear though I got a new camera for Christmas and its picture quality is much better!  EDIT: Updated photo now. (1/2/13)

So now that winter is in full swing, and it is freezing outside, I have started wearing more winter colored nail polish.  “Jana” is this really great dusty purple color that is muted enough to be a winter color.  I was really excited when I ordered this color from Zoya’s website because purple is my favorite color and I have a hard time finding winter colors that aren’t jewel tones.  I actually ordered this color back in October but waited to wear it over Christmas Break when the weather was cooler.  For me “Jana” is a nice splash of life during the cold winter months when not many flowers or plants are blooming.

This was my first time using Zoya nail polish and I have to say I LOVED it!  The polish covered very well and I only ended up using one coat of color.  Another thing I noticed about Zoya nail polish was it lasted for well over a week before it chipped, which is practically a miracle for me.  I cannot wait to try more Zoya nail polish in the future!

Hope you enjoyed my blog!

EDIT: As with a couple of my other posts I decided to update the picture because my previous camera was old and on its last leg and the pictures just didn't do the nail polish justice.  The original picture is now here at the bottom and the new updated picture is at the top!  :)

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