Friday, January 27, 2012

OPI "Dutch Tulips"

This week I decided to spice up winter by trying out a new (well new to me) OPI nail polish that I just got over the weekend!  “Dutch Tulips” is this gorgeous red color.  It is hard to describe because it is classy yet feisty, and it is fun but flirty.  I really love this color!  However one problem I encountered was that it took FOREVER to dry!  I spent the better part of four hours sitting around waiting for them to dry and then when I went to bed almost all the nails still got a little patterned by my comforter.  Also I have found out that the polish chips really easily.  I have been wearing “Dutch Tulips” all week and after the first day the tips of over half my nails had no polish on them anymore.  That has been kind of a letdown because OPI polishes usually hold up nicely for me.
However while “Dutch Tulips” doesn’t seem very durable the color is fantastic!  I used two coats of color along with the clear basecoat and clear topcoat.  I probably could have gotten away with one coat of color but I opted for a second coat to make the color be a little brighter.  “Dutch Tulips” as a color is very hard to describe.  I would classify it as a red, but in some lights it looks more like a hot coral color.
Overall I really do like this color I just wish it would hold up longer and not chip so quickly.  Also please forgive the picture.  I typically try and use naturally sunlight, but it is the middle of winter and we haven’t seen the actual sun in weeks now.  I used the flash because if I didn’t the pictures were coming out too dark and a little blurry.
Also as a side note I laid my entire nail polish collection the other day and realized I have 65 bottles!  The last time I checked I had about half that many! 
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