Sunday, January 15, 2012

butter LONDON "HRH"

So this week I decided to stick with purple, but this time I went with a jewel tone!  This week I went with Butter London’s “HRH,” and I found it because I sometimes spend endless hours surfing the Internet looking for new nail polish trends, colors, and blogs.  And near the end of last year I came across the brand Butter London.  I instantly fell in love with the brand, which is 3 free!  3 free means that is doesn’t use Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP, which are harsh chemicals.  London Butter is kind of pricey and cost me about $15 for one bottle.  I was nervous about spending that much money on a single bottle of nail polish, but it has been well worth it!

As you can tell by the brand name Butter London, the brand is inspired by all things British.  The color that I purchased is called “HRH” which means Her/His Royal Highness.  The significance of the name is that in the olden days purple was very expensive to make, so essentially only royals could afford it.  Overtime the jewel tone purple color became associated with royalty and become the royal color, which is probably why Butter London named theirs “HRH.”

Anyway enough with the history lesson and onto the nail polish!  So purple is my fave color and I couldn’t resist going with a jewel tone to make my week, full of freezing cold weather, pop!  “HRH” is a really gorgeous bold color that sparkles in the light when I move my hands!  As usual I used a clear basecoat so that I don’t stain my finger nails and in the case of “HRH” I used two coats of polish to make sure that the color was as bright as possible.  Butter London definitely didn’t disappoint.  It covered very well and lasted well without chipping, though I don’t really know how long it could have gone before chipping because I had several babysitting jobs and had to switch keys between key chains, which chipped the crap out of my nails!

Overall spending $15 on Butter London was well worth it!  In fact I bought two more bottles yesterday because that’s how much I love it!  It covers well, is environmentally friendly, and lasts well.  And as a side note:  Don’t worry about how big the cap is because it is a faux top that pulls off and has a smaller handle beneath which is easier to paint with!

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