Monday, March 19, 2012

Essie "Navigate Her"

Last weekend was St. Patrick’s Day and I decided to paint my nails green for it!  I picked Essie’s “Navigate Her” because I love the pistachio color!  It is fun, bright, vibrant, and perfect for spring.  “Navigate Her” is part of Essie’s Spring 2012 Collection, which happens to also be called “Navigate Her.”  I like the collection but I only bought one color because the CVS I went to was nearly sold out.
I really do like “Navigate Her.”  The color is gorgeous, but the formula, at least for the bottle I got, is very thick and it was hard to get an even coat.  I used two coats and my nails still have some streaks.  Other than that the polish seems to hold up well.  Unfortunately mine isn’t going to last as long because a pen exploded on my hand earlier and ruined most of my nails.  Next time I paint my nails in “Navigate Her” I’ll edit this post to let you know how long and well it holds up.
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EDIT: Okay so I decided to re-paint my nails the same color, you know since there was a massive ink explosion that ruined them the first go round.  I have to say that even without the ink the Essie polish started to crack on all off in large chunks.  It only lasted 5 days and then I had to take it off because it looked so bad!  I still love this color though and Essie. 

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