Saturday, April 14, 2012

Piggy Polish "It's All About Blue"

Hey guys!  Okay so this week I am stepping it up and really going Spring!  I recently got some new polishes from ULTA because I had a coupon and some of ULTA's nail polish was buy two, get two free.  One of the colors I got is by a brand called Piggy Polish.  I had never heard of this brand before buying this polish and I am sad to say that as far as I can tell Piggy Polish is not a 3 free brand, which is a little disappointing.  I do really love the color I bought though!  So while I like this color I don't know if I will purchase from Piggy Polish again because there really is no reason to not be 3 free.

Anyway the Piggy Polish color I purchased is "It's All About Blue" and it is this fabulous sky blue color.  I have been wanting a sky blue for a while and I am thrilled to add one to my collection.  "It's All About Blue" is a good quality polish and I probably could have gotten away with just one coat, but I opted for two coats just to make the color more vibrant!  Since Piggy Polish is not 3 free they have the normal consistency you would expect of a typical nail polish, which I must say it was nice not to have a gloppy, thick polish.  Also because it is not 3 free it smells horrible and I would not recommend using Piggy Polish if you have asthma because it was hard to breathe while painting my nails!  (And I don't eve have asthma!)  Besides the smell the polish has it doesn't seem to hold up very well.  I have been wearing the polish for about three days and it already has a few tiny chips on the very tips of my nails.  I must say I am a little disappointed that the polish has started chipped so quickly.

So overall "It's All About Blue" is a really pretty color and, I will wear it again because of that, I am disappointed that the brand isn't 3 free and that the polish does not last.

Also I am so excited because I finally got around to ordering some of China Glaze's Hunger Games polish!  I know they have been out for a while but I wasn't into The Hunger Games until my bestie lent me the book and now I am obsessed!  Anyway the upside to waiting is that I found the polish on for half the price!  YAY!  I ordered "Smoke and Ashes" and "Dress Me Up."  I am waiting for the polish to arrive on my doorstep and hopefully all will be well.  Last time I ordered on Amazon I got exactly what I wanted and was thrilled.  I am hoping the same holds true this time.  The only difference is that I ordered from a different seller.

And a couple more exciting things:

First off OPI is releasing a Minnie Mouse inspired nail polish collection.  I am so excited about this collection!  All the previews I have found show lots of pinks and reds!  These limited edition polishes will be available starting in June!

Second OPI is also gearing up to release a Spiderman inspired nail polish collection.  I am not as excited about this one though because I am not really into Spiderman, but I still plan on checking the polish out.  These polishes are set to be released next month in May.  The new Spiderman movie however does not release until July of this year.

And last but certainly not least: butter LONDON is releasing a nail polish called "Lillibet's Jubilee" in honor of Queen Elizabeth II's jubilee celebration this summer!  I must have this sparkly silver color!  It appears you can already pre-order it on Butter London's website.

(All of the pictures about the new sets of nail polish are not mine and were taken from a Google search.)

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