Wednesday, April 25, 2012

China Glaze "Smoke and Ashes"

Hey everybody!  So last time I told you that I ordered some of the Hunger Games nail polishes from China Glaze online.  The polish I ordered arrived really quickly and were perfect!  With the new polishes in hand I obviously couldn't wait to wear them!  So I decided to wear "Smoke and Ashes" which is District 12's color.  If you haven't read to books, or seen the movie, District 12 is the area where the main character Katniss is from.  I decided to wear "Smoke and Ashes" this week because I had a wedding to go to and the dress I wore was a black floor length dress with a geometric pattern in yellow, purple, and white.  I thought "Smoke and Ashes" would look nice with it, and I was right.  The other reasons I decided to wear "Smoke and Ashes" this week was because the wedding was in Asheville, and a lot of The Hunger Games movie was filmed in and around Asheville and also because I went to see the movie this week for the first time!  (And I LOVED it!)  As a side note: I am originally from Asheville and I have taken to telling people I am from Panam.  :)

Anyway "Smoke and Ashes" is this black nail polish that has micro glitter bits in it.  The micro glitter colors are green, yellow, blues, violets and a hint of magenta/red.  I love the polish because it is not your basic black polish.  It is black polish with a kick!  In the bottle and on the nail "Smoke and Ashes" looks like the night sky, which I love!  As always I used a clear basecoat and the Orly "Sec'N'Dry" topcoat and it took two coats of "Smoke and Ashes" to get an opaque coat.  This is my first time trying China Glaze nail polish and I have to say I was not disappointed.  China Glaze holds up really well for me and it lasted about 4 or 5 days before starting to get minor chips.  I think that it would have lasted longer except that I am brutal on my nails!  Especially since I had to change the battery in my smoke detector and it ruined my nail polish!  Anyway that is besides the point.  I enjoyed "Smoke and Ashes" a ton because it feels super rebel but at the same time it also seems super glam.  I liked wearing it so much and got a ton of compliments that I decided to re-paint my nails in "Smoke and Ashes" this week.  It'll be perfect for conquering finals.

So overall China Glaze has great polish, The Hunger Games collection is AWESOME, and "Smoke and Ashes" lasts a good long time before getting chips and is just plain fabulous!

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