Saturday, September 15, 2012

China Glaze "Foie Gras"

This week I wanted to continue rocking my fall nail polish colors!  So I decided to pull out some more of my Hunger Games nail polish.  (I have realized that I own 9 of the 12 colors.)  So I pulled out China Glaze's "Foie Gras."  It is this this deep greyish brown color with a hint of purple.  When I first saw "Foie Gras" I wasn't sure I would like it on my nails, but I am happy to say that I love "Foie Gras" on me!

As with all dark colored nail polish I was worried that "Foie Gras" would stain my nails, so I used my standard clear base coat ("Invisible" by Sally Hansen) and I was pleased that "Foie Gras" left no stains!  I used two coats of "Foie Gras" because while the first coat covered relatively well it left some streaks.  But after applying the second coat my nails had no streaks and the coloring of "Foie Gras" looked fabulous!  As usual I applied a topcoat (Orly's "Sec'N'Dry") on my nails to help my nails dry faster.  The topcoat made "Foie Gras" a little bit shinier and made the color a little more vibrant.

As for chipping, there wasn't any.  I wore "Foie Gras" for about a week and I saw absolutely NO chips.  In my opinion China Glaze's formula is one of the best I have found!  When I wear China Glaze polish I find that the only reasons I have to repaint my nails after a week is that A. I feel like painting my nails again and B. my nails have grown so quickly that the top part of my nail isn't painted!

Overall I love the great fall coloring of "Foie Gras" and I love the great quality of China Glaze nail polish!

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