Friday, March 15, 2013

Revlon "Rain Forest"

Hi everyone!  So with St. Patrick's Day right around the corner I wanted to try out some fun green nail polish!  I have recently been loving Revlon's nail polishes so when I ran across their gorgeous green glitter called "Rain Forest" I knew I had to have it!

"Rain Forest" is a unique glitter to my collection because it has visible green glitters, but the glitter pieces aren't very big.  However the base color of the nail polish covers so amazingly well and the overall application was very good for a glitter.  But what I did notice during application though was that this glitter does not apply evenly during the first coat and that the brush holds a lot more nail polish than I initially realized.  So on the first few nails a fair amount of polish ran off onto my fingers.  This presented a problem because the nail polish started to become very thick in the tips of my finger nails and also got all over my skin.  Since the tips of my nail polish were very thick, as the nail polish dried (even long after the quick dry top coat) it started to bunch up, which basically ruined the manicure.  Here is how many of my nails looked after less than a day:

As for chipping or how long Revlon's "Rain Forest" is wearable I can't say because with the nail polish gathering into heavy pools on the tips of my nails it caused the manicure to be ruined in less than a day.  But I feel confident that should I be able to get two even coats of "Rain Forest" on the nail polish would last for longer.  And in terms of taking the nail polish off it did take some time but it came off easier than most glitter nail polishes.  Even though I only wore "Rain Forest" for one day my finger nails when I removed the nail polish I did have some light green staining occur on my nails, which was disappointing.

Overall I still love Revlon nail polish, and the color of "Rain Forest" is pretty (and perfect for St. Patrick's Day!), but as of right now after one use I am not too impressed simply because the nail polish barely stayed on for 12 hours and was a pain to try and get even coats of polish!

Thanks for reading my blog!  And Happy St. Patty's Day!  :)

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