Thursday, June 30, 2016

Formula X for Sephora "Arctic"

Hi everyone!  Today's nail polish is Formula X for Sephora's "Arctic" which is a cool one-night wear foil nail polish.  This comes in a box as a set and provides you with everything you need to complete the look.  The set looks like this:

The one-night wear foil is a unique two step polish.  The first step is to apply the "Nail Foil Base Coat" and allow it to dry.  After that you need to shake to bottle of "Arctic" well and then apply it to each nail.  You are only supposed to apply one coat and the packaging suggests not using a top coat to allow the metallic foil to really be shown off.  As described I was able to wear this nail polish for one evening and then it began to flake off, but it looked really neat on my nails when I wore it!

Overall I am pleased with Formula X for Sephora's "Arctic."  This foil look is unique and different and I will definitely wear it again soon!

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