Saturday, July 2, 2016

Claire's "Queen Bee"

Hi all!  I can't believe that it is July!  It seems like it was January yesterday!  But now that Summer is in full swing I couldn't resist pulling out a gorgeous lavender colored polish from Claire's, the store that sells a lot of costume type jewelry.  So without further ado today's nail polish is Claire's "Queen Bee."

"Queen Bee" is a cremé, lavender colored nail polish.  Formula wise this nail polish was fair, but it was not the easiest to apply.  The first swipe on each nail went smoothly but then the following swipes seemed to stick an cause some very ugly streak marks.  After two coats, "Queen Bee" was completely opaque, but it did have a few noticeable streak marks.  As for chipping, I was able to wear "Queen Bee" for about three days before there were some tip chips.

Overall I am a bit disappointed with Claire's "Queen Bee."  Just about everything with this nail polish was a let down, except for its color.  I probably won't be wearing this nail polish again any time soon.

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