Saturday, January 12, 2013

OPI "Houston We Have A Purple"

So a couple of weeks ago I ordered my first two jelly polishes on Amazon.  Jelly polishes looked really fun in all the pictures I saw online and I decided I just had to try some out!  I went looking for some OPI jelly polishes and came across the Spring 2011 Texas Collection, which featured several jelly polishes.  I decided to order "Houston We Have A Purple" and "Big Hair... Big Nails," both of which are jellies.

This week I decided to wear "Houston We Have A Purple."  I originally wanted this polish because of its name!  I spent my childhood in Florida and NASA is a huge part of that because whenever a space shuttle launched, as long as you lived on the ocean side of the state, south of NASA (at Cape Canaveral) you could see the shuttle in the air and the big orange booster fall off and drop to the ocean.  Anyway OPI's "Houston We Have A Purple" looks like a deep red purple in the bottle, but turns out to be a lighter berry color on the nail.  I think the change in color from bottle to nail occurs because a jelly polish is made to always look a little less opaque than a cream and jellies are also made to make your nails always look wet and shiny.  And I personally prefer the berry color over the color in the bottle.

As for wear and tear I got "Houston We Have A Purple" to last about 4 days before any major chipping occurred.  However I will admit that the polish probably would have lasted longer if I had gotten more even coats.  Since this was my first time wearing and applying a jelly polish I was unable to get even coats and I had a decent amount of streaking on my nails.  I think with practice nice even coats are possible and that the even coats would mean a longer wear time!

Overall I am very happy with OPI's "Houston We Have A Purple" and I am definitely a fan of jelly polishes now!  I cannot wait to try out the other jelly polish I bought!  And as for chips I think 4 days is pretty good for me, but I really believe that if I had gotten more even coats "Houston We Have A Purple would have probably lasted about 6 days.  (Which is a pretty nice length of time!)

Okay so before I finish this post I just want to mention some new OPI and Nicole by OPI collections that have just been released. 

The first is OPI's Mariah Carey collection, which is featuring OPI's brand new finish "liquid sand."  The collection features 8 colors, 4 liquid sands and 4 non-liquid sands.  I'll admit that I only like the liquid sand colors.  I purchased the mini set of liquid sands at an ULTA for around $13 and I can hardly wait to try them out!

The next two collections are both by Nicole by OPI and they are the Modern Family Collection and the Selena Gomez collection.  Each collection offers 14 colors, which is really exciting!  I have looked at these polishes online and there are several from each collection that I want, but I have not been able to find either of these collections.  I have been to 22 stores (including ULTAs, Wal-Marts, Targets, Sears, CVS', Rite-Aids, Kmart, and a Walgreens) and I have had almost no luck!  Not a single one of the places I went had any of the Selena Gomez collection and only store #19 (an ULTA) and store #21 (a Target) had some of the Modern Family Collection.  And by some I mean they each had only half of the polishes in the collection.  And of the Modern Family collection I did find neither store offered Alex's, Lily's, Manny's, or Jay's colors, which of course are the colors I want.  If you have had any luck finding these two Nicole by OPI collections please let me know where you found them because I would love to know!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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