Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nails INC Feathers "Edinburgh"

Hi everyone!  Happy June!  I am so excited that it Summer now!  The weather has really started to warm up and the local pool is finally open!  So I finally managed to get my hands of one of Nails INC Feathers polishes!  The Sephora near me almost never has any of the Nails INC Feathers polish and when I saw that they had "Edinburgh" I immediately bought it!  Now Feather polishes are meant to cover your entire nail themselves and create a fun feather-like look.  However after reading many reviews online I realized that it uses a lot of the nail polish to get the Feather-like look.  So I decided to use Nails INC "Edinburgh" more like a bar glitter, with a base color underneath it.  (I don't want to waste Nails INC Feathers "Edinburgh" because it costs about $9.50 US a bottle!)

Nails INC Feathers "Edinburgh" and Sally Hansen "White On."

With that in mind I started to look in my collection for a base color that would compliment Nails INC "Edinburgh."  In the end I decided you can't go wrong with a white base coat, so I settled on Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in "White On."  I would say that "White On" is a bright white.  I used two coats of Sally Hansen "White On" and then one coat of Nails INC "Edinburgh" followed of course by a quick drying topcoat.  So to start with my bottle of Sally Hansen "White On" is kind of old and the brush is a bit stiff because of that.  However "White On" went on fairly easy and only had some very minor streaks after two coats.  Sally Hansen "White On" is definitely my go to white nail polish and it is great because it only costs about $4 (US) a bottle!  Next came Nails INC "Edinburgh" which went pretty easy as well.  I was worried that "Edinburgh" would be difficult to put on because sometime glitters are.  But I was glad to be proved wrong.  However I will say that I applied "Edinburgh" by laying the brush sideways on the nail to drop enough polish to cover the entire nail.  I then used the tip of the brush to spread the glitter over the entire nail.  This technique worked well for me and I found Nails INC "Edinburgh" easy to apply and very pretty on the nail!  As for chipping unfortunately I couldn't wear this nail polish long because glitter nail polish at work doesn't fly.  Hopefully in future I can re-do this manicure and wear it for longer.

Overall I adore this manicure!  It is fun and cute and really easy to do!  And the finished effect was really nifty!  I would love to get my hands on some more of he Nails INC Feather collection!  And I most definitely will be wearing "Edinburgh" again and again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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