Sunday, June 30, 2013

Orly "Coachella Dweller"

Hi all!  Happy end of June!  I hope everyone in the United States is looking forward to the 4th of July!  I am looking forward to setting off fireworks with several families on my street.  (It is kind of our tradition to take all the McDonald's kid's meal toys and attach them to the fireworks and watch them melt!)  Anyways, this week I went with Orly's "Coachella Dweller" which is this pretty grass green nail polish!  "Coachella Dweller" is part of Orly's Summer 2013 Hope and Freedom Collection and is named after the famous Coachella festival.  (You often see pictures of celebrities at Coachella every year!)

Orly's "Coachella Dweller" as I mentioned is a grass green nail polish and I was excited to try out another Orly nail polish, I don't own very many.  Application wise "Coachella Dweller" was slightly water and a bit hard to apply.  However "Coachella Dweller" was opaque after only two coats and didn't have any streaking, which was nice!  In terms of chipping Orly's "Coachella Dweller" only lasted about three and a half days and then started to chip off in large chunks.  I was a bit disappointed about how easily "Coachella Dweller" chipped because I wore the nail polish on a vacation and didn't hardly lift a finger at all!  So there should have been no reason for the polish to chip so quickly!

Overall Orly's "Coachella Dweller" is a pretty color and has a great name but I am not that impressed with how quickly the nail polish chipped or the watery formula.  I will wear "Coachella Dweller" again because I like the color but probably not very often.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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