Thursday, July 4, 2013

July Nail Art Post!!

Hi guys!  HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!  (If you live in the United States!)  I hope everyone is enjoying their BBQs and looking forward to the fireworks tonight!  I love fireworks and I can hardly wait!!  Anyways I haven't done any nail art lately and I have missed it so I decided to try out a very simply one for the 4th of July!  Here is the nail polish I picked out:

Sally Hansen "White On" and Forever 21's Love & Beauty "Multi"

Close up on Forever 21's Love & Beauty "Multi" label.  Since Forever 21 doesn't give their nail polishes real names it is hard to figure out which polish is which!

Basically this is just a glitter polish over a solid color polish, but it is the red, white and blue version!  I started out with two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "White On" which is my white nail polish of choice.  I find it to be relatively streak free and easy to control.  Plus it is very affordable at about $4 (US) a bottle.  After Sally Hansen "White On" had some time to dry I then applied one thick layer of Forever 21's Love & Beauty "Multi."  Now Love & Beauty "Multi" is red, magenta, blue and silver glitter in tiny dots and hexagonal glitters all in a clear base.  It is a very pretty glitter and definitely very patriotic!

Here's a few more pictures:

Overall I am very pleased with this fun, quick and easy nail art!  It was very simple and anyone who can paint nails can easily do this manicure!  I hope that everyone has a fabulous rest of their Fourth of July and enjoys the fireworks later tonight!

Thanks for reading my blog!  And Happy 4th of July!  :)

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