Monday, July 29, 2013

China Glaze "Riveting"

Hi guys!  I cannot believe that July is almost over!  It seems like it was Christmas just yesterday!  Anyways so during the Summertime I love my brights so this week I decided to wear China Glaze's "Riveting" which is this great orange nail polish!  "Riveting" is part of The Hunger Games collection called the Capitol Colours Collection.  "Riveting" is the color for District 3, which is the Technology district.  (If you aren't a THG fan feel free to ignore the above info and go straight gown for the info on the nail polish itself!)

China Glaze's "Riveting" is this fantastic orange glitter!  It is such a great glitter and it covers so well!  And  "Riveting" sparkles in the sunshine, which I love!  As for formula, it is FANTASTIC!  It went on very well and could be easily be worn as a one coater!  (However I put on two coats because I always do.)  In terms of chipping I saw some very minor tip chips and wear after about three days, but it wasn't until the fifth day that I saw any serious chipping.  However when I got a single chip on my nail during the fifth day it was from the vacuum cleaner.  I honestly think that this nail polish could have been worn a few more days if it had not been from my clumsiness.

Overall I am very impressed by China Glaze's "Riveting."  The orange color with glitter is fantastic and the formula was good as well.  And I love when a nail polish lasts at least five days because then I don't have to worry about having to repaint my nails quite as often!

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