Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sephora by OPI "Tweet You Later!"

Hi guys!  Hope everyone is enjoying Summer!  I can't believe it is July already!  And I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July celebrations!  So about a three weeks ago I wandered through Sephora and discovered they had a sale on some of their nail polishes so I couldn't resist taking a look!  And I found this six-piece mini set of Sephora by OPI nail polish that usually costs $24.50 (USA) for $12 (USA)!  I quickly grabbed it and ran for the check out counter!  The set features the color "Metro Too Chic" and includes five other colors as well.  So this week I decided to try out the color "Tweet You Later!" which is part of the set!  Here's a picture of the unopened box set:  ("Tweet You Later!" is the polish on the far right!)

Sephora  by OPI's "Tweet You Later!" is this really pretty beige-pink color!  It is very neutral and soothing, which I always enjoying after wearing lots of brightly colored nail polish!  The formula was great and my only difficulty during application was simply the bottle is so tiny, as mini bottles usually are, that it was hard to hold onto!  "Tweet You Later!" also was opaque in two coats and despite it being a pale color had no streaking at all!  In terms of chipping "Tweet You Later!" lasted about three days before the tip chipping got so bad that I had to remove the polish!  I was a tiny bit disappointed that "Tweet You Later!" didn't last longer because the color is so pretty, but it could have been worse.

Overall I am very pleased with Sephora by OPI's "Tweet You Later!"  The pretty beige pink color is just enough color but not enough to take it out of the neutral colors.  It is great if you work somewhere that doesn't allow bright nail polish or if you are like me and want a little break from bright colors.  I also love how great the formula is because it made application easier!  The only disappointment was how quickly the tip chips started, but I can over look the chipping for all of "Tweet You Later!'s" great qualities!

Thanks for reading my blog!  And keep watching for more polishes from this set!  :)

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