Friday, August 23, 2013

Sally Hansen Magnetic "Ionic Indigo"

Hi everyone!  Happy end of Summer!  (Well not so happy for all of those going back to school!)  So I know that magnet polish came out a while ago but I finally got a hold of some at a reasonable price!  I found this Sally Hansen Magnetic polish at Wal-Mart in the sale section for under $5 (USA).

Sally Hansen "Ionic Indigo" is a magnetic nail polish in a fun denim blue color!  I love the color because it is different from most of the other magnetic nail polishes I have seen!  So magnetic polishes have a magnet on the top of the cap.  Each magnet has a pattern embedded in it, mine is the classic wave, which can be seen on the side of the cap.  The cap with the magnet is a faux cap that comes of the reveal a smaller cap which you hold while painting your nails.  It looks like this:

When I painted my nails I followed the directions on the bottle.  The directions on the bottle for achieving the magnetic nail polish look say:
1. Apply a clear base coat of nail polish.
2. Shake magnetic polish to activate.
3. Apply one thin coat of magnetic nail polish to all nails and let dry.
4. Apply a thick coat to one nail at a time and hold the magnetic cap above nail polish for 10 seconds.
5. Allow all nails to dry.
6. Apply topcoat.
I wanted to show you my nails along the way.  Here are my nails after the one thin coat of nail polish:
The nail polish has a great formula.  It went on very easily ad was opaque after one coat.  And to be honest this nail polish looks nice without using the magnet!  After allowing my nails to dry I went one nail at a time and applied a thick coat of nail polish and held the magnet above my nail like this:
(Sorry the picture is blurry but I had to use my timer to take the picture and this was the best I could get!)
I found that the magnetic pattern worked best with a thicker coat, as the directions suggest.  But that being said the magnetic pattern is very weak and hard to see on most of my nails.  I waited nearly 20 minutes before applying a top coat (Orly "Sec'N'Dry") but the pattern still smudged.  In the end my nails look more like dark wash denim jeans, where the color fades in some places.  As for chipping I was worried that the thick coats of "Ionic Indigo" would cause the nail polish to chip very quickly.  However "Ionic Indigo" lasted almost three days before I saw any minor tip chips! But by day five the tip chips started to get worse and my nails looked a little rough.  Removing the nail polish was easy and "Ionic Indigo" left no stains on my nails!
Overall it was really cool to try out a magnetic nail polish and the color before and after the magnet was pretty.  But the fact that the magnetic pattern wasn't very prominent was disappointing.  However since I was able to wear "Ionic Indigo" for five days before needing to repaint my nails I would definitely recommend Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish!  I do plan on wearing Sally Hansen's "Ionic Indigo" again but maybe next time I will try wearing it without using the magnet just to change it up!
Thanks for reading my blog!  And I hope everyone has a great first week of school!  :)

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