Thursday, August 9, 2012

China Glaze "Flip Flop Fantasy"

Okay so yet again this week I am wearing a China Glaze nail polish, but you see I just got nine new China Glaze polishes so I can't help but want to wear them!  This week I decided to rock my first ever NEON polish!  I'm not going to lie, I was pretty excited to try a bright color!  The neon I bought is called "Flip Flop Fantasy."

So I've read online that with neon nail polish colors you should put a coat of white polish on before the neon.  Supposedly it helps the color be brighter and cuts down on streaking.  I decided to test this theory.  For the first week I decided to go without the white coat simply using my regular basecoat, two coats of "Flip Flop Fantasy", and my usual topcoat.  Well it didn't even take 48 hours before HUGE chunks of nail polish fell off.  What is worse is all I did was spend 11 straight hours in the car driving home from vacation.  How could I possibly chip the polish so quickly??  And "Flip Flop Fantasy" did streak a fair amount.  It was very hard to get an even coat!

I decided to document the chipping for a few days before removing the polish.

Day 2

Day 4

As you can see "Flip Flop Fantasy" without the white nail polish did not last on my nails.

Now for week two I decided to use white nail polish.  The white nail polish I decided to use is Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in "White On."  I used my clear basecoat, then one coat of "White On", followed by two coats of "Flip Flop Fantasy", and then a topcoat.  What I noticed while I was painting was that with the coat of white nail polish "Flip Flop Fantasy" went on in very even coats and has almost no streaking.  However I do not believe it makes the color any brighter.  As for chipping, there still is some but it is mostly limited to your average tip chips.

Overall I think it is clear that using the white nail polish underneath "Flip Flop Fantasy" is the better option.  Less streaking and less chipping, both of which are great!  Though I will say it does take longer to paint since it required more coats (the white nail polish) and you have to be very careful the make sure that you cover the white nail polish entirely otherwise you get an odd white line.  I did end up with a few white lines but I think with practice I could have better success covering up all the white nail polish.

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