Wednesday, August 1, 2012

China Glaze "Re-Fresh Mint"

I hope everyone is enjoying watching the Olympics!  I have been continuously watching any event I can.  My favorite part of the Olympics is just watching every country because all the athletes have worked so hard!  Anyway this week I decided to tone my nails down and go for a pale mint polish.  I usually reserve mint nail polish for Spring but China Glaze's "Re-fresh Mint" is very pale and looks like a very light blue in most lights.  I find this "Re-fresh Mint" to be a fun beachy nail polish.

As with all pale colors "Re-fresh Mint" left a few minor streak marks, though it isn't too noticeable.  I was very impressed with the coverage and I only had to use two coats of color.  I've had the nail polish on for about five days now and have absolutely no chips.  I am starting to be very impressed with China Glaze's nail polish.  I also think that my Orly topcoat ("Sec'N'Dry") works really well with China Glaze nail polishes, and that could be why my China Glaze nail polish stays on for a long time.

Also I recently discovered Sally Beauty Supply (I know where have I been hiding?!?) and they offer a rewards card for their store.  It costs $5 (USA) to get one but then everything in the store is less expensive.  For example Sally Beauty supply charges $6.50 (USA) for a regular bottle of China Glaze nail polish, but with their rewards card I only paid $4.99 (USA).  That's a big price difference!  So far I have saved a fair amount of money with the Sally Beauty supply rewards card.

Thanks for reading my blog!  And enjoy the Olympics!!  :)

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