Sunday, April 14, 2013

Essie "Splash of Grenadine"

Hi guys!  So now that Spring is in full swing, pollen and all, I am looking forward to the weather continuing to get warmer and warmer!  This week I decided to try out Essie's "Splash of Grenadine."  I had heard lots of amazing things about this Essie nail polish and I admit I was eager to try it out!  And I am very happy to say that Essie's "Splash of Grenadine" lived up to its name!

Essie's "Splash of Grenadine" is this gorgeous purply-pink color, which is perfect for Springtime!  I adored the color in the bottle but once it was on my nails I really fell in love with it!  It is purple, it is pink, and it is super pretty on my finger nails!  I was a bit worried about the application, because in the past Essie has not always been the easiest for me but "Splash of Grenadine" surprised me and went on super easily!  "Splash of Grenadine" left not streaks and went on in nice even coats!  And to make me love "Splash of Grenadine" even more the nail polish was completely opaque in just two coats, which always makes me happy!  As for chipping some very minor tip chips started on the second day.  However as the days passed this chipping did not get any worse.  I ended up wearing Essie's "Splash of Grenadine" for five days!  I was very impressed with how long "Splash of Grenadine" lasted because my previous experience with Essie is that it chips horribly off my nails!  So I was very pleased to find an Essie nail polish that didn't chip off quickly!

Overall I adore the gorgeous purply-pink color of "Splash of Grenadine" and Essie's "Splash Of Grenadine" definitely lived up to its hype and I would totally recommend getting this nail polish because it is totally perfect for Spring and Summer!  Also the fact that I was able to wear it for five days without hardly any chipping is amazing!!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)


  1. I am wearing it right now on my nails and I absolutely love it. Gorgeous shade:)
    A MakeupHabit

    1. I am glad you love it too! :) It is one of my favorite polishes!