Saturday, April 20, 2013

Orly "Sweet Peacock"

Hi guys!  So now that we are halfway through April I think it is time to start pulling out more Summery nail polish colors!  Every summer for the last several years my parents and I have gone to Florida and stayed at the beach.  I love the ocean so it is no surprise that I wear blue nail polish a lot during the summer!  (And even though it isn't actually Summer yet I am keen for it to be so I thought I would go ahead and rock some Summer nail polishes!)  This week I decided to wear Orly's "Sweet Peacock."  This is my very first Orly nail polish that I have ever worn, aside from my quick drying topcoat ("Sec"N'Dry).  I was pretty excited to try out a new (to me) brand of nail polish!

First off I should let you know that I got this Orly mini bottle of nail polish free abut six months ago.  I read Seventeen magazine and in one of their magazines was a coupon for a free mini bottle of Orly nail polish from ULTA.  There a few choices and I decided to pick "Sweet Peacock" because it is such a gorgeous dark blue.  I will say I did have a bit of a hard time applying the nail polish.  "Sweet Peacock" is a glitter nail polish and the first coat was very streaky.  However I was pleasantly surprised with how well it evened out after applying the second coat of color.  "Sweet Peacock" definitely requires two coats of polish to become opaque, but once it is on it is super pretty and shimmery!  The glitter flecks shine yellow and green in the light and really does remind me of the ocean!  As for chipping I swear it started almost instantly!  Within 12 hours the tips of all my nails were ruined and small chunks missing from the ends of several nails!  I am definitely disappointed by the amount of chipping!  In terms of removing this glittery nail polish it was a bit difficult and did require to spend a bit of time working, but it eventually came off.

Overall I like Orly's "Sweet Peacock."  The color is fantastic and makes me think of the ocean and Summertime.  However it was a pain to remove!  It did not want to come off of my skin and took a fair amount of time to remove.  But for a free mini bottle of nail polish I will definitely be using "Sweet Peacock" again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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