Monday, May 27, 2013

Maybelline "Twilight Rays"

Hi everyone!  Sorry it has been a few days longer than I would have liked, but one of my best friends got married over the weekend and I had bridesmaid responsibilities!  The wedding turned out lovely and was tons of fun!  So I did my nails for the rehearsal dinner and then re-did my nails the next day for the wedding.  So for the rehearsal I decided to wear Maybelline's "Twilight Rays."  I like that is it black with a fun gold shimmer!

So to help Maybelline's "Twilight Rays" be easier to get off I decided to first do a coat of solid black nail polish and then one coat of "Twilight Rays" on top.  For the solid black nail polish I chose Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in "Black Heart."  "Black Heart" went on in one coat and covered very well!  I was super impressed and then Maybelline's "Twilight Rays" went on very easy as well.  I was worried the glitter would make the nail polish hard to handle but I am happy to report that that was NOT the case!  I was also worried that since this was black nail polish it would stain my skin and nails but it didn't and removing the nail polish was also very quick and simple!  For a glitter nail polish I was very impressed with how fast it was to remove!  As for chipping I honestly can't tell you because I only wore the nail polish 8 or 10 hours because I had to change it quickly for the wedding the next day.

As for how shimmery Maybelline's "Twilight Rays" is here is a picture of it in sunlight.  I found the nail polish to be very shimmer and fun!

Overall I am very happy with Maybelline's "Twilight Rays" and Sally Hansen's :Black Heart."  I plan on wearing both polishes again together and separate!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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