Saturday, May 4, 2013

Zoya "Sooki"

Happy May!  So now that April is over we are getting closer and closer to Summer!  And I am super ready for Summertime weather and activities!  So to start off May I decided to rock a fun bright red by Zoya called "Sooki."  When I saw this color I thought it was nice but I knew I had to have it when I saw its name!  I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan (probably gives you an idea of how old I am) and I own all of the seasons!  For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it is a show based around a mother and daughter duo who live in a small town in New England.  Anyways one of the main characters is a lady named Sookie.  Now the spelling is different but the name of the Zoya nail polish reminds me instantly of the character who is fun, bright, and happy!  Basically I adore Zoya's "Sooki"!  :)

Anyways the application of Zoya's "Sooki" was stellar!  Very easy and almost a one coater, though I opted for two as I almost always do.  I will say that while application was easy, clean up is a bit difficult because it is a red nail polish.  Red shows off imperfections really well (isn't that nice...not really) and because of that there are some obvious flaws.  But I can live with that since the formula is so nice!  As for chipping I started to see tip chips after about a day.  And by day three my nail polish was basically destroyed.  Zoya "Sooki" chipped very easily, which was very disappointing since my previous experience with Zoya was much better.  In terms of removing Zoya "Sooki" my nails had some minor stains and the red nail polish got stuck in my cuticles.  It took forever to get it all off!

Overall I still love Zoya and the name Sooki, but I am not the biggest fan of this nail polish.  It was difficult to clean up my nails after painting and I most certainly did NOT appreciate the staining on my nails once the nail polish was removed.  I also did not like how quickly Zoya "Sooki" chipped.  However the color is pretty and the formula is stellar so I will probably wear "Sooki" again, but on my toes.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)


  1. I am a guy that has a very strong feminine side. I am like the male equivalent of a Tomboy. I get professional pedicures every two weeks and always wear fire engine red polish on my toes. I tried Zoya Sooki at my last pedicure appointment and absolutely love it. I received compliments on the color from women that I work with. Sooki is a little brighter than my usual OPI Big Apple Red. It is such a fun, bright, and sassy red. It will probably become my go to color for my toes. I always bring my polish to pedicure appointments and use Seche Vite for a base and top coat. If you use a good base coat like Seche Vite, the red polish will not stain your nails. The Seche Vite topcoat is very shiny and really protects the color so it doesn't chip. I have my nail tech put on one top coat, then let it dry about 10 minutes and then put on another top coat. The shine is amazing! You should give Zoya Sooki another try on your toes with a good base and top coat. I really love Sooki because it goes well with any color sandal and is such a pretty red.


    1. First off I love that you are a guy who gets pedicures, that's awesome! :) I love red pedicures as well! I think you are right about needing a different basecoat for Zoya's "Sooki." Right now I just use a clear nail polish from the drugstore, which works well for some lighter colors but not for reds. I will definitely take your advice and try "Sooki" on my toes because it is such a nice color! Thanks for the great ideas!

    2. I am sure that you will love Sooki on your toes because it is really a "true red". I have tried every color imaginable on my toes and always go back to bright red like OPI Big Apple Red or Zoya Sooki. Big Apple Red is not quite as bright as Sooki. Sometimes I will wear a dark pink, but not very often because after a few days, I always want to go back to bright red. You would not believe how many different shades of red polish that I own. Since I live in California and the weather is nice all year, my toes are always on display in women's low-heel sandals and almost always wearing red polish. You can see two pictures of my pedicure at

      Scroll down to where is says "April 5 Southern California". You may need to cut and paste the link into your browser because I don't know how to create a link in this reply.

      Whenever I am having a bad day, it always cheers me up to look down and see red toenails peeking out of my sandals. Never underestimate the power of red toenails. It is amazing how something as simple as red toenails can do so much to lift my mood.


    3. Your toes look fantastic in red nail polish! Now I definitely want to try "Sooki" and other bright red nail polishes on my toes!