Saturday, September 7, 2013

Candie's "Aqua Denim"

Hi guys!  I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather like I am.  So this week I decided to test out a new (at least to me) brand called Candie's.  Candie's is a brand produced by Kohl's stores.  Their name polish runs about $6- $7 (US) a bottle.  I love trying out new brands because sometimes you find a new brand of nail polish you love and this is especially true with Candie's by Kohls!  I decided to try out Candie's "Aqua Denim" which is a fantastic royal blue color!

Candie's "Aqua Denim" is super pretty and I just adore blue nail polish (and I own far too many!)  I was a bit worried that because it is more of a drugstore brand polish that the formula might not be stellar, but I was very excited when it went on flawlessly!  The formula is smooth and was nearly opaque after one coat.  And after the second coat the color was gorgeous and "Aqua Denim" had no streaking at all!  Touch ups were easy and even though it is a deep royal blue I had no staining on my skin.  However when I removed the nail polish my nails were definitely stained, but after a little extra work with nail polish remove and some old fashioned soap and water my nails returned to their normal color.  As for chipping I began to see chipping on day two, which was a bit disappointing.  I had hopped to wear "Aqua Denim" for at least four days before it chipped!

Overall I like Candie's by Kohls "Aqua Denim" and definitely plan on wear it again and possibly buying a few more of the polishes!  However I do wish I had been able to wear "Aqua Denim" longer and that the nail polish didn't require extra work to de-stain my nails.  But since the formula is so fantastic I am more than happy to wear Candie's "Aqua Denim" again.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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