Monday, September 2, 2013

butterLONDON "Toff"

Hi everyone!  I cannot believe it is September already!  Summer just kind of flew by and pretty soon Autumn is going to come and I am not ready for that because I have never been a fan of cold weather!  So in preparation for cooler weather I decided to pull out a dustier, darker color.  I decided on butterLONDON's "Toff" which is a gorgeous dusty purple/brown.

I adore this color nail polish because it is pretty and calmer and perfect for Autumn but it isn't so cold and harsh like Winter.  Formula wise butterLONDON's "Toff" is very nice.  It went on well and wasn't too thick or watery so I was a happy camper.  The formula of "Toff" was so great that after one coat the polish was almost completely opaque, but I added a second coat just to make sure there were no streaks.  However I didn't have to worry about streaking because "Toff" had none!  As for chipping I started noticing chips on day two.  And while the chips weren't so bad because "Toff" is a darker color the chips were very noticeable!  I am somewhat disappointed by how quickly "Toff" chipped because butterLONDON nail polish usually costs $15 (US) a bottle.  However earlier this year ULTA had a sale and I was able to get some butterLONDON nail polish, including "Toff", for $9 (US) which was awesome!

Overall I adore butterLONDON nail polish and "Toff" is a gorgeous color and perfect fro Autumn.  However I am not a fan of paying such a high price for a nail polish that is going to chip after only two days!

Thanks so much for reading my blog!  :)

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