Sunday, September 22, 2013

FLOWER "Eye of the Tiger Lily"

Hi everyone!  After wearing some calmer Autumn colors the last couple of weeks I decided that I needed to brighten it back up!  Since the leaves are going to be changing soon I decided to pick out a bright orange.  I don't own very many orange nail polishes so I picked out FLOWER's "Eye of the Tiger Lily."  For those of you who don't know FLOWER is a drugstore brand owned by actress Drew Barrymore. The make-up line and nail polish are all reasonably priced and are happily made in the USA!

FLOWER's "Eye of the Tiger Lily" is this super bright orange nail polish.  I assumed that "Eye of the Tiger Lily" would be a cream but in fact it is a jelly nail polish!  The formula is lovely and went on super smooth ad after two coats of nail polish the orange color of "Eye of the Tiger Lily" was nearly opaque and had no streaking at all!  In terms of chipping "Eye of the Tiger Lily" didn't per sat chip as much as it just wore off.  In less than 24 hours the nail polish had worn off of the bottom third of all my nails.  (You can kind of see it starting in the picture!)  It was very bizarre and have never seen it happen before.  I ended up taking "Eye of the Tiger Lily" off after one day because it just looked awful!

Overall I am very disappointed that FLOWER's "Eye of the Tiger Lily" didn't last!  The color is very pretty and the formula is nice but I probably won't wear this nail polish much because if wears off so quickly!

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