Thursday, September 12, 2013

Essie "Going Incognito"

Hi guys!  Autumn really is getting closer and closer and I am already dreading the cold weather!  So in my effort to temporarily forget the cold weather I decided to try out a green nail polish by Essie, since Summer is full of green trees and grass!

Essie's Going Incognito" is a deep forest green nail polish that is super pretty!  I had seen "Going Incognito" a lot on Pinterest and had been wanting to try it out for a while so I was very happy when I got my hands on it earlier this year!  The formula was so-so.  It was a bit on the watery side and it took me a few nails to get the hand of it.  In the end the formula didn't slow me down and after two coats there was no visible streaking and the nail polish was completely opaque.  As for chipping it started after only two days, and when the chipping did start the nail polish fell off in big chunks, which was sad.  And when I removed "Going Incognito" I was worried that it might stain my nails because it is a dark color, and unfortunately there was some staining.  My nails were tinted green for a week!  They looked awful and I couldn't go out until I had painted my nails again!

Overall I am a bit disappointed in how quickly Essie's "Going Incognito" chipped and by how much it stained my nails, but the color is fantastic that I am willing to give this nail polish a second chance some time soon.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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