Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails "Tough Chick"

Hi everyone!  It is still October so I am still rocking pink nail polish!  This week I decided to try out a Sally Hansen Hard As Nails nail polish called "Tough Chick."  I picked this nail polish up because I loved the name and it is pink!  :)

"Tough Chick" is a pretty hot pink with yellow/orange shimmer in it.  While I like the color the formula was horrific!  It was super watery and that made it impossible to get good coats of nail polish on.  And in the end my nails turned out streaky and not opaque at all!  Plus I could never get the nail polish to completely cover my nails, which was weird and awful looking!  In the end I wore "Tough Chick" for less tan an hour because my manicure looked horrific and I didn't want anyone seeing me in public like that!  So I don't know how long "Tough Chick" would have lasted before chipping.  However "Tough Chick" was easy to remove and didn't stain my nails so that was nice.

Overall I am super disappointed by Sally Hansen Hard As Nails "Tough Chick."  Literally it was awful in everything except it is a pretty color!  And frankly that isn't enough for me to wear this nail polish again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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