Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dupes: OPI "A Definite Moust-Have" vs. Nicole by OPI "A Like-Haley Story..."

Hi guys!  I hope everyone is enjoying October and looking forward to Halloween, which is coming up soon!  I love Halloween because I am a candy-o-holic and I enjoy passing out the candy to the children in our neighborhood!  Since it is still October I am continuing to wear pink nail polish.  But this week while digging through my nail polish collection I cam across OPI's "A Definite Moust-Have" and Nicole by OPI's "A Like-Haley Story..." and they looked nearly identical in the bottle.  So I decided to see if they were dupes or not.  Here are the bottles next to each other:

Now obviously Nicole by OPI and OPI are produced by the same company so I guess it isn't too surprising that there might be some dupes within their many brands.  But I still wanted to test it out and see for myself!  Formula wise the NOPI (Nicole by OPI) and OPI polishes were identical.  Neither were too water or difficult to handle and the brushes are very similar too.  Upon removing the nail polish I discovered that neither polish stained my nails, which I appreciate!  I found the polishes to be nearly identical the only minor difference being NOPI's "A Like-Haley Story..." has tiny little glitter pieces while OPI's "A Definite Moust-Have" has an iridescent shimmer. 

In the end I don't think you need to own both nail polishes and can pick just one of these.  However since they are both so similar in formula, brush, price, and the amount of polish in each bottle (.5 fluid ounces) that I don't have a favorite out of the two.  I suggest you just go with whichever one you are able to find!  Both polishes are part of limited edition collections so I wouldn't wait too long to look for them!

OPI's "A Definite Moust-Have" is part of the Summer 2013 Couture de Minnie Collection which came out earlier this summer.  And Nicole by OPI's "A Like-Haley Story..." is part of the Spring 2013 Modern Family Collection (based on the TV show of the same name) which came out at the beginning of the year.

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