Monday, December 16, 2013

butterLONDON "No More Waity, Katie"

Hi everyone!  Christmas is getting closer and closer and I am very excited!  Only 9 more days!  :)  Even though Christmas decorations are usually red and green I decided to wear a sparkly nail polish instead this week!  I dug through my collection and found butterLONDON's "No More Waity, Katie" which is this grey/purple glittery nail polish.  I originally bought this nail polish because f its name, which references Kate Middleton and how long she had to wait for Prince William (of the United Kingdom) to ask her to marry him.  I love Kate for her style and thought the color would be different form all the others in my collection.

"No More Waity, Katie" is different than any nail polish in my collection.  It is just such a unique color, half grey and half lavender purple with a bunch of silver glitter.  In the bottle "No More Waity, Katie" is pretty, but on my nails the color was less than pretty.  I guess sometimes being too unique isn't necessarily a good thing in the nail polish world.  The formula was awful, very watery and the glitter went on thick in some places and almost non-existent in others.  I ended up using three coats for the picture above and the polish still wasn't opaque.  Here's what "No More Waity, Katie" looks like after one coat:

As you can see one coat looks horrific!  I continued to paint my nails with the hope that it would look better after another coat.  And after a second coat it did look a little better but still un-wearable, which is why I applied a third coat.  here's what my nails looked like after a second coat of "No More Waity, Katie":

Other than an awful formula and this polishes inability to be opaque butterLONDON's "No More Waity, Katie" wasn't the worst nail polish I have every had or tried.  Since "No More Waity, Katie" looked pretty awful on my nails I didn't wear it long enough to see it chip.  As for removing I was surprised how well a chunky glitter nail polish came off!

Overall I would be willing to try butterLONDON's "No More Waity, Katie" again but maybe it would look better on a different skin tone? 

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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