Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sally Hansen "Blue It"

Hi everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas that is!)  Every year after Christmas in North Carolina is when we have our best chance for snowfall.  And since I associate blue with snow I decided to pull out a blue nail polish.  I picked out Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Blue It" which is a super pretty royal blue.  (It didn't snow today but there was freezing rain!)

Sally Hansen's "Blue It" is such a pretty color and I couldn't wait to try it out!  The formula is nice, but almost a bit watery.  The brush held so much polish that it took me a couple of nails to master the best way to apply "Blue It."  However even after allowing tons of dry time and using a quick drying topcoat (Orly's "Sec'N'Dry")  several of my nails wouldn't dry and I managed to smudge three of them within the hour.  (You can see my pointer is smudged by the nail bed and my ring finger on the tip of my nail.)  But in terms of actual chipping Sally Hansen's "Blue It" lasted about two days before chipping.  Also even after having been dry for hours this nail polish managed to smudge some more, which was a bit disappointing.  While I know that darker colors can stain nails nothing prepared me for how blue my nails were going to be!  They looked awful and it took me a while to get as much off as I could.

Overall I really love the deep blue color of Sally Hansen's "Blue It" and the formula is fine.  But I am not a fan of all the smudges and chipping, though I am wondering the temperature of weather was affecting the nail polishes ability to dry properly.  I also am not a fan of the extreme staining on my nails, but I am willing to try this nail polish again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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