Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Nail Art!

Happy New Year's everyone!  I am very glad that 2013 is about to be OVER and we can move on to 2014!  I never really seem to do much for New Year's Eve, usually I just watch TV and count down til the ball drops in New York City's Times Square.  This year I decided to do the same but in my free time to do a simple nail art post to celebrate the holiday!

So my simple nail art this time is: mix and match!  And maybe that doesn't count as serious nail art but for me I almost always have matching nails.  (Part of it is the rules for where I work and the other part of it is I am kind of lazy and one color is fast!)  I think that mixing and matching nail polish looks like fireworks, which here in the United States is a popular thing to do on New Year's Eve to celebrate.  I decided to pick out five different colors, one for each of my nails, and just go for it!  Here are the colors I picked:

Nicole by OPI's "Rainbow in the S-Kylie", OPI's "Big Hair... Big Nails", butterLONDON's "The Black Knight", Sally Hansen's "Golden-I", and China Glaze's "Sunday Funday"

  I picked out these colors for specific reasons.  I picked a major glitter to be bright and very firework like!  I picked a bright red and a blue to represent the United States of America.  I picked a gold to represent that Christmas just passed.  And lastly I picked a black with glitter to really look a dark sky with fireworks going off!  Okay so here is a bit about each polish:

Nicole by OPI's "Rainbow in the S-Kylie" is of course part of the 2012 Kardashion Kolors and is a major chunky glitter in a clear base.  As with most glitters is was hard to get the glitter on my nail and to spread it out to cover the entire nail.  And even after two coats it was plain that no matter what I did I would likely never be able to cover my whole nail.  "Rainbow in the S-Kylie" is very pretty though!  Also worth noting is that this glitter is a nightmare to take off!  Allow yourself plenty of time!

OPI's "Big Hair... Big Nails" is a reddish-orange jell nail polish and was part of the Texas collection from Spring 2011. As a jelly polish it is made to be a bit more see through but after three coats it was completely opaque and the color gorgeous!  "Big Hair... Big Nails" has no streaking and the formula was lovely!

butterLONDON's "The Black Knight" is a black nail polish with fine magenta and blue glitter!  "The Black Knight" came out in 2011 and aside from it's awesome name the color is very pretty!  I was surprised that this polish dried as a matte.  (I added a topcoat for the pictures!)  "The Black Knight" has a nice formula and was opaque after two coats and there is no streaking!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Golden-I" is a nice drugstore brand nail polish!  Just like its name this polish is a golden shimmer.  Formula wise "Golden-I" is a bit watery and after the first coat I worried, but thankfully after the second coat the polish was opaque and had very little to no streaks!

And last but not least China Glaze's "Sunday Funday" which is part of the Spring 2013 Avant Garden Collection.  "Sunday Funday" is this GORGEOUS sky blue colored polish!  Like many China Glaze polishes the formula is amazing and was basically opaque after one coat.  I just added a second coat to make the color brighter!

Overall I am very happy with how this easy and fun mix and match New Year's Eve Nail Art turned out!  All five of these nail polishes are great and I cannot wait to try them out on their own in the future!

Thanks for reading my blog!  And I hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve!!!  :)


  1. I love all the colors you chose for your mix and match - if there was every an appropriate time for it, it's new years for sure! I am with you, we do an dinner at my mom's and the hubby and I usually end up geeking the night out with the TV and computers.:) Happy 2014!!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I am not the only one who doesn't go out for New Year's Eve! I hope you all enjoyed your evening and Happy 2014!! :)