Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails "Firm Fig"

Hi everyone and Happy Autumn!  Now that Summer is officially over, and the weather is cooling off, I decided to pull out a nice polish to celebrate the seasonal change!  This week I decided to test out Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in "Firm Fig."

"Firm Fig" is, just as its name suggests, is a berry colored polish.  Formula wise "Firm Fig" is pretty watery and it was difficult to get even coats on my nails.  After two coats of polish "Firm Fig" was mostly opaque but there were some visible streak marks.  As for chipping "Firm Fig" lasted about two days before it began to chip off in large chunks.  I believe this polish chipped so quickly because of the uneven coats of polish.  Had I been able to get more even coats of polish on my nails I think "Firm Fig" would have lasted longer before chipping.

Overall I really wanted to like Sally Hansen's "Firm Fig" because the color is very pretty, but I did not like the formula and how difficult it was to apply and then it chipped so quickly that it didn't feel worth the time and effort it took to apply!  I will probably give this polish a second try at some point and maybe next time it will work out better.

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