Friday, September 12, 2014

Maybelline "Drops of Jade"

Hi everyone!  I can't believe that Autumn is almost here and that the weather is beginning to cool off!  Today I decided to try out Maybelline's "Drops of Jade" which is part of their Polka Dots Collection.

"Drops of Jade" has a jade colored jelly base with multiple sized pieces of glitter in black and white.  Formula wise the jelly goes on nice, but the glitter sticks to the brush and refuses to go on the nail in anything near an even coat.  I tried dabbing the glitter on and still could not get an even coating.  Also since the base is a jelly it will never be opaque on its own.  As for chipping I'm not sure how long
Drops of Jade" would last because I didn't care for how it looked on my nail and promptly took it off.

Overall I am a bit disappointed with Maybelline's "Drops of Jade."  In the bottle you cannot tell that it has a jelly base and I expected to be able to wear this nail polish on its own.  Also I wish that the glitter would have gone on a bit better.  I definitely won't be wearing this nail polish again on its own but I was willing to try "Drops of Jade" as a topcoat.

I dug through my collection and found OPI's "Jade Is The New Black" (a classic well known OPI polish) and decided it would provide a nice base for Maybelline's "Drops of Jade."  I applied two coats of OPI's "Jade Is The New Black" and then one coat of Maybelline's "Drops of Jade."  Here's how it turned out:

I think this combination turned out okay, but Maybelline's "Drops of Jade" did slightly alter the gorgeous color that is OPI's "Jade Is The New Black" making it look a bit milky.  In the end I believe you could achieve this same look but buying a black and white glittered nail polish with a clear base coat and putting that on top of OPI's "Jade Is The New Black" and get a prettier design, and frankly that is what I would be more likely to do.

After looking at Maybelline's "Drops of Jade" on its own and over another polish I will probably not be wearing it again.  It looks far prettier in the bottle that it does on my nails and after all nail polish is meant to go on your nails and not to be viewed from the bottle.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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