Thursday, October 30, 2014

Finger Paints "Art Nouveau Nectarine"

Hi guys!  I can't believe Halloween is tomorrow and that October is almost over!  Since October ends tomorrow this will be my last pink nail polish post for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  (And a promise that next month there will be some other colored nail polishes that aren't pink!)  My final pink polish of October is Finger Paints "Art Nouveau Nectarine."  I am very excited to try out this polish because Finger Paints is a brand I have never tried before!

"Art Nouveau Nectarine" is a very pretty coral colored polish!  Formula wise "Art Nouveau Nectarine" is a a little bit thick, which made for thick coats of polish on my nails.  However after two coats of polish there were no visible streak marks and it was completely opaque on my nails!  "Art Nouveau Nectarine" began to chip after only two days, and I think it chipped so quickly because the polish went on so thick!

Overall Finger Paint's "Art Nouveau Nectarine" is a nice polish.  The color is very pretty, it was completely opaque after two coats of polish and it had no visible streak marks.  However it would have been nice if the polish wasn't quite as thick because then it would have been easier to apply and probably would not have chipped as quickly.  I am willing to give "Art Nouveau Nectarine" another try because I think will a little patience and practice I can probably apply thinner coats of polish to my nails.

Thanks for reading my blog and for celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month with me!  :)

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