Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wet N Wild "Dream Poppy"

Hi everyone!  I meant this post to be for yesterday!  But I was having too much fun at the Outer Banks with my best friends!  So please forgive me for posting late!  On with today's nail polish which is Wet n Wild's "Dream Poppy."

"Dream Poppy" is a creamy coral colored nail polish and while the color is pretty I don't think the name fits the color because to me a poppy is red not coral.  (And I know that the name is such a minor part of the polish, but my design and art degree can't help but be bothered.)  The formula of "Dream Poppy" is slightly thick, which made it slightly difficult to apply.  After two coats of the polish was completely opaque and had only a couple minor streak marks which was most likely caused by the thickness of the nail polish.  As for chipping "Dream Poppy" lasted less than one day before the dents and smudges became to ugly to wear.

Overall I am not a fan of Wet N Wild's "Dream Poppy."  The thick formula caused application problems, streak marks and the layers on my nails were so thick that it caused dents and smudges.  In the end the only thing I liked about "Dream Poppy" was the nice coral color and color alone is not enough for me to wear this nail polish again.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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