Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sally Hansen's Sugar Shimmer "Berried Under"

Hi everyone and happy April!  (And no April's Fools jokes here, just nail polish!)  I'm so excited that it is April now because it means that Spring is now in full swing and it is getting warmer every day!  To help celebrate Spring I decided to test out a fun bubble gum pink nail polish!  Today's polish is Sally Hansen's Sugar Shimmer in "Berried Under."

"Berried Under" as I said before is a bubble gum pink polish but it special because it is part of Sally Hansen's textured collection called Sugar Shimmers.  It's texture is similar to sandpaper with a hint of golden shimmer.  "Berried Under" has a very unique look that I think is very fun!  Formula wise "Berried Under" was easy to apply which is fantastic since it has a sandpaper texture that makes you think the polish is going to be thick.  After two coats the nail polish was completely opaque and has no visible streak marks.  "Berried Under" also dried very quickly even before I applied a quick drying topcoat.  As far as chipping goes "Berried Under" only lasted a couple of days on my nails because the tips of my nails kept catching on things.

Since the nail polish is textured and I wanted to see how it looked before and after applying a top coat here is the before top coat picture:

(The after topcoat picture is the one at the top of the post!)

Overall Sally Hansen's Sugar Shimmer in "Berried Under" is a nice nail polish.  I love the fun unique color/shimmer/texture combination and how easy it was to apply to my nails.  My only minor complaint was how much this nail polish kept getting caught on all things fabric which caused me some annoyance.  In the end I like this nail polish and I would be willing to wear it again.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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