Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter 2015 Nail Art

Hi everyone and happy almost Easter!  Since it is almost Easter I thought I would do a fun Easter Egg nail art to celebrate!  Growing up the Easter Egg hunt was always my favorite part!  The fun thing about Easter Eggs is that each egg is different and you can go as easy or as difficult of a nail art as you want!

To do this nail art I used nine nail polishes.  (Holy cow that's a lot of polishes!)  Here they are all lined up:

Now I'm going to break down each nail since I think that'll be the easiest way to explain how I did them.  However I started out each nail the same and that was with two coats of Finger Paint's "Dream I Can Fly" to create the sky background.  Then I added the eggs.

First up is my pointer finger and ring finger.  (Since they are similar I've decided to put them together.)  For my pointer finger I used Nicole by OPI's "Live In The Momentum" as the royal blue egg color and for my ring finger I used China Glaze's "Stoked To Be Stoked" as the bright orange egg color.  On both of these nails I used dotting tools to add the polka dots and stripes.  The polka dots and stripes are done in Julep's "Bunny."

Next up is my middle finger which has a nice simple sold color Easter Egg with glitter on top.  For the base color I used OPI's "50 Is The New Fabulous" and the glitter is Sephora Formula X's "Over The Moon."

The last finger is my pinky finger which has the simplest Easter Egg of all!  For this nail I used Julep's "Kimberly" which is a purple polish that has black glitter in it to create an eggshell look.

To finish out my Easter Egg nails I applied Maybelline's "Lime Accent" to the tips of my nails to create the look of grass.

I love this Easter Egg nail art because you don't have to be great with nail art to do it!  You can do complicated designs on the eggs, simple glitter, or find glittery or textured polishes to create eggs.  Also each egg can be a slightly different size and oval shape and still look great!

If you want more information about the polishes I have already reviewed on my blog here they are:

OPI's "50 Is The New Fabulous":

Formula X's "Over The Moon":

I hope everyone enjoyed my Easter Egg nail art!  Thanks for reading my blog and have a fabulous Easter!  :)

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