Monday, April 13, 2015

China Glaze "Intelligence, Integrity, & Courage"

Hi all!  Today's nail polish is China Glaze's "Intelligence, Integrity, & Courage" (or "II&C" for short.)  This nail polish was part of China Glaze's Limited Edition collection to celebrate the move The Giver.

"II&C" is a lovely grey nail polish with a slightly blue-ish tint to it.  Formula wise this nail polish is good but just the tiniest bit watery, however it didn't affect the application too much.  After two coats of polish "II&C" was completely opaque and had no visible streak marks.  As for chipping "II&C" lasted somewhere between three and four days before there were visible tip chips.

Overall China Glaze's "Intelligence, Integrity, & Courage" is a nice nail polish.  The polish has a decently good formula, was easy to apply, and lasted a fair amount of time before chipping.  I definitely plan on wearing this nail polish again and again.

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