Monday, August 4, 2014

Beautifully Disney "Ocean Mist"

Hi everyone!  This week I decided to try out Beautifully Disney's "Ocean Mist" which is a gorgeous ocean colored glitter that is based on The Little Mermaid!  Beautifully Disney is Walt Disney World's brand of nail polish which can be purchased at the parks or online at Disney's website.  I purchased this polish in a mini set called "Wickedly Beautiful."  The mini set costs $24.95 (USD) and full sized single bottles cost $11.95 (USD).  Here's what the mini set looks like:

"Ocean Mist" is a major glitter that features  green, blue and yellow glitter and obviously looks like the ocean water when the sunlight hits it.  Formula wise "Ocean Mist" like many glitters was a bit difficult to apply.  However some of that may have been caused from the miniature bottle.  After two coats of polish "Ocean Mist" was nearly opaque but you can still see the nail a bit, but there were no streak marks.  Because "Ocean Mist" was not opaque I did not wear it for very long so I do not know how long the polish would have lasted before chipping.

Overall Beautifully Disney's "Ocean Mist" is a gorgeous nail polish and I adore the green. blue, and yellow glitter!  But it is unfortunate that it is a bit hard to apply and not completely opaque.  So while I probably won't wear "Ocean Mist" on its own again I am willing to try it as a top coat over another polish.

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