Monday, August 25, 2014

Claire's "Happy Go Lucky"

Hi everyone!  This week I decided to try out Claire's "Happy Go Lucky" which is a nail polish from the Claire's store at the mall.  (You know the one that sells all the jewelry.)

"Happy Go Lucky" is a gorgeous royal blue polish.  Formula wise this polish is pretty good but I found that the brush either picked up hardly any polish or all the polish.  After two coats of nail polish "Happy Go Lucky" was completely opaque and didn't have very many streak marks.  I was also surprised to notice that as "Happy Go Lucky" dried it became a matte polish!  (A very pretty matte polish!!)    In the picture above I added a quick drying top coat that made it shiny!  As for chipping I was able to wear this polish for about two or three days before it started to chip.  Also I worried about "Happy Go Lucky" staining my nails because of its dark color but I didn't have any troubles with that!

Overall I like Claire's "Happy Go Lucky."  The formula is nice, the color is fantastic and it was a nice surprise that it was a matte nail polish!  I do wish that I had been able to wear "Happy Go Lucky" a little bit longer before it chipped but two or three days is still fair.  I will be wearing this nail polish again!

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