Friday, August 1, 2014

Ciaté "Main Stage"

Hi guys and Happy August!  (Seriously where has this year gone!?)  This week I decided to try out Ciaté's "Main Stage" which is this gorgeous fall plum color!  I got "Main Stage" as part of Ciaté's Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar last Christmas.  (And this is my first time trying out Ciaté nail polish!)  The set includes twenty-four bottles of nail polish, caviar beads, and glitter;  Here's what the box looks like:

And on the inside:

"Main Stage" is in flap seven.

"Main Stage" is the perfect end of Summer color because it can be a nice Fall color, but is still bright enough for Summer, and I think it could be a great "back-to-school" color.  Formula wise "Main Stage" is a bit on the thick side, which made it hard to get on the nail.  The polish wanted so badly to stay on the brush and not on my nail.  Also I have a miniature bottle and the brush was smaller so that could have played a part in the minor difficulty I had in applying "Main Stage."  However after two coats of polish "Main Stage" was completely opaque and had no streak marks, in fact it was so opaque that it could be worn as a one-coater!  As for chipping it started on the second day with some minor tip chips, but by day three the chips were very obvious.

Overall I like Ciaté's "Main Stage."  The color is gorgeous and the fact that it can most likely be worn as a one-coater is amazing!  However it was a bit hard to apply and it chipped pretty quickly.  I will probably wear this nail polish again and I am definitely going to give some other Ciaté nail polishes a try!

Ciaté nail polishes can be found at most Sephora stores and can be purchased in full size bottles, mini bottles or sets.  Sometimes Sephora does three mini bottles for $22 which is a great way to try a few out without committing to the large set like I have!

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