Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nicole by OPI "Inner Sparkle"

Hi everyone!  Happy last week of Summer to the kids where I live.  Enjoy what's left of your Summer!  With the end of Summer going on I though a super glittery nail polish would be a great way to end the season with a bang!  This week I decided to try out Nicole by OPI's "Inner Sparkle."

"Inner Sparkle" is a glitter polish with small, medium and large pieces of glitter in a clear base coat.  The small glitter is in gold, the medium glitter is in silver, and the large hexagonal glitter is in pastel pink and lavender.  Formula wise "Inner Sparkle" is, like most glitters, a bit difficult to apply and required a bit of patience to get an even coat of glitter.  And even then the largest pieces of glitter tended to stick together and form odd clumps. As for chipping since I didn't wear "Inner Sparkle" by itself, except for the above picture, I don't know how long it would lasted before chipping.

After testing out "Inner Sparkle" on its own I decided to try it out over a few different crème polishes to see how it looked.  I decided to try out a lavender polish and a light pink polish to match some of the glitter.  Then I decided to also try out "Inner Sparkle" over a black polish to she how gorgeous it would look!

The first polish I tried "Inner Sparkle" over is Essie's "Full Steam Ahead" which is a pastel lavender polish with a hint of silver shimmer.  I applied two coats of "Full Steam Ahead" and then one coat of "Inner Sparkle" and here's how it turned out:

I you want to find out more about Essie's "Full Steam Ahead" here's the post I did a few weeks ago: http://perfectlypolished12.blogspot.com/2014/07/essie-full-steam-ahead.html!

Next I put "Inner Sparkle" on top of Nicole by OPI's "Naturally" which is also part of Selena Gomez's Collection.  Anyways, so first I applied two coats of "Naturally" and then one coat of "Inner Sparkle" and here's how it turned out:

If you want more information about Nicole by OPI's "Naturally" here's the post I did last fall:

And finally I saved the best for last (my personal favorite of the three) and that is "Inner Sparkle" over Sally Hansen's Hard As Nail's "Black Heart."  This time I applied one coat of "Black Heart" followed by one coat of "Inner Sparkle" and it turned out this gorgeous thing:

Overall I am very pleased with Nicole by OPI's "Inner Sparkle."  I love the colors in the glitter, the formula is decent, and it looks lovely over a variety of crème polishes!  I definitely plan on wearing "Inner Sparkle" again and trying it out on top of other polishes in the near future!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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